Women's Tennis

private information

Parents, alumni and friends of The University of Akron's women's tennis

Welcome to the email list for The University of Akron Women's Tennis
Team. By creating a list server this year, we are able to treat your private
information more securely and also help to avoid problems with Spam filters.
We hope you will enjoy getting news on the Akron tennis program's successes.
Rest assured, there is no other intended purpose of this email list other than
to allow me to more easily keep all of you updated as my email have done in the
past. No other University organizations will be using this list, or the email
addresses in it, at any time, and any emails that someone on the list tries to
send to the list are forwarded to me for review before being sent. Please email
me directly at wyshner@uakron.edu if you have any problems with our emails
at any time. GO ZIPS!!!

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