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Prospective recruits - graduate program in polymer engineering

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Air Force Research Laboratory Design Challenge

Pressure Bag Team for AFRL challenge

Archives of the History of American Psychology

Akron Baseball Mailing List

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Akron MiniBaja Team

The Secular Student Alliance at The University of Akron

Alumni Message / Announcement List

Alumni Message / Announcement List

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Volunteers for Akron Regional Science Olympiad Tournament

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Students in the Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences

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AS (temp staff, full- & part-time)

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A&S Dean Review list

Associate Degree Recipients

AU New Stark Basketball

Banyan Networks Discussion List

BCAS NOA Distribution

Advisees for Dr. Jane Beese

BEST Medicine Engineering Fair

BEST Medicine Engineering Fair

BEST Medicine Engineering Fair

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Biology Undergraduates

Bioinformatics - STEM list

Biomedical Engineering NOA Distribution

Black Male Summit Information List

Calendar Users Nofication group

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Curriculum Approval Process Review 1

Curriculum Approval Process Review 2

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CBA NOA Distribution

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Construction and Contractors for the Stadium

Coursecast Experience

iPad Symposium

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chemistry part time faculty

upcoming events for nmr

Email list for all Counseling Dept. students.

CHP NOA Distribution

University of Akron Circle K

CIS students

Civil Engineering NOA Distribution

Phase 3 Students

Choose Ohio First Scholarship Program

UA College Democrats

Color Line Project

Commanders Report

Corrosion Engineering

Email list for Counseling Dept. Graduate Assistants

Email list for all Counseling Dept. students.

CPSPE NOA Distribution

Critical Thinking FLC Discussion List

ACCOUNT Curriculum System List

ACCOUNT Curriculum System List

ALLIEDHEAL Curriculum System List

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ARTSCO Curriculum System List

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ASSOC Curriculum System List

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BUSDEAN Curriculum System List

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CHEME Curriculum System List

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COUNS Curriculum System List

CPA Curriculum System List

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C&TDEAN Curriculum System List

CURR Curriculum System List

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DEVPR Curriculum System List

ECON Curriculum System List

EDFOUND Curriculum System List

EDUC Curriculum System List

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ELECTE Curriculum System List

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ENGRSCI Curriculum System List

ENTRE Curriculum System List

ENVHEALTH Curriculum System List

EXERSCIENC Curriculum System List

Opt-in Faculty list for University-wide Review Curriculum System

FAMILYCONS Curriculum System List

Curriculum Proposal Approved

FINAN Curriculum System List

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GEOL Curriculum System List

GEOGR Curriculum System List

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PSCI Curriculum System List

PSYCH Curriculum System List

PUBLICADM Curriculum System List

PUBSVCTECH Curriculum System List

SOCIAL Curriculum System List

SOCIO Curriculum System List

SPLANG Curriculum System List

SPORTSCI Curriculum System List

STATS Curriculum System List

SUMM Curriculum System List

UNIV Curriculum System List

WAYINST Curriculum System List

WAYN Curriculum System List

ARTSCO Curriculum System List




Daily News Update

Daily News Update

Developmental Programs End of Course Evaluation

Dialup Users list

Digital Signage Submission List

Distance Learning Scheduling

Spanish Majors and Minors

Doctoral Research

dotcms notification list

more testage

DTCF Users List


e-newsletter/List Project

University Libraries Electronic Services

Electrical & Computer Eng NOA Distribution


Education Abroad

Education Abroad Alumni

Edgerton Community Garden

Edgerton Community Garden

Edgerton Community Garden

Education NOA Distribution

EJ Thomas Campus Mailings

Elluminate Experience

Engineering Dean's Office NOA Distribution

Undergraduate Engineering Student Mailing List

Engineers without Borders

International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM)


Innerbelt Integration Initiative

Internship Study

I/O Alumni LIst

IP professors listed as such in AALS directory

IP-Short list - from the IP-Prof list

International Students Club

Technology Managers

International Year of the Family List

OHECC Academic Discussion List

Ohio SuperComputing Discussion List


Law Alumni Career Connection

Akron Law Bar Exams

Law Faculty Research Discussion List

School of Law NOA Distribution

Table of Contents Delivery for CESL

List for Library Bargaining Unit Faculty

University Libraries - Government Information Updates

Library LaTeX Instruction

new list serv

Model 204 Database Discussion List


Medina County University List

Student Alerts

Email to ASE sophomores

Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering NOA Distribution

Men's Soccer - Alumni and Friends

Email list for MFT alumni.

Requesting new listserv

UAkron Marriage and Family Therapy Program

Create Listserve for Advisees

Marketing Management Association

MRC Faculty

MRC Users



MW First Year List

Myers Faculty/Staff

Forum for discussing issues related to AV authority work; will include announcements; open to OLAC members

Northeast Ohio Master of Fine Arts Student & Faculty email list

New Part Time Faculty Communication

New Site List

Non Networked Copier list

Nursing Honors Students

Nursing OCONLL

Nursing ACC BSN Prenursing Students

Nursing RN Prenursing Students

OA-Current list


Organization for Children's Health Care

Off campus Student Services Landlords list

Offcampus Safety information

Off campus Student Services - Student List

OHECC Administrative Discussion List

OHECC 2010 list


Ohio Innovative Users Group (OH-IUG) group planning

Orientation Class

Information Concerning the Office Supply Program

Email notification msg



OSLI 2006

Office of Student Teaching and Field Experience Newsletter

Online Teaching and Learning Experiences

Online Experience

Parents First Year Experience list

PAUS Advisory Board

PAUS Grad Assistant list

Pennsylvania Arts List

Pi Sigma Alpha

Pi Lambda Theta

Pi Lambda Theta Membership 2011

Polsky Building Council

Pre Pharmacy Society

Audiology: Student Au.D. Info

Property Law - Lee

Education Abroad Prospective Students

PeopleSoft Financials Users

PeopleSoft Financials Users

Paralegal Student Association

Phi Sigma Kappa

Polymer Science Student Organization (PSSO) Listserv

Part-time Faculty Listserv

PT Art

Purchasing News

Students who were not accepted into the Radiography Program

Rubber Band Contest

Research certifiers list

Research effort coordinators list

Research grads list

Research management list

Research support list


Respiratory Therapy BS degree

Rubber Band Contest

Advisory Committee

Ohio School Districts

Comm Graduate Assistants

All Graduate students

Comm part time faculty for current semester

All Undergraduate students: BA, BAT, Non-degree, Minors from last 3 semesters

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UA Sociology-Alumni

information for minors

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Sociology Majors

Soc Student Teaching

Social Competence list

Listserve: Partner PK-12 Social Studies Teachers

Soc Tenure Track Faculty

M.D. Soucek Research Group

employee list

SPRINGFEST 2011 Seniors

SPRINGFEST 2011 Seniors

list of student organization

Staff/Contract Art

AU Stark Volleyball Officials list

Posting for all Statistics graduate students

Posting for Statistics undergraduate majors and minors

STEM Majors

Student Union Drycleaning

Student Union Business Office employees

Student Union Marketing Area

AU Summit VB Officials List

Surgical Technology Student list



Army ROTC Scholarship Notification

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UA Dietetics

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PFA Leadership Council

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Women in Higher Education Graduate Students

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Center for Career Mgmt - Program Review

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UAL Collection Standards

UAL Technical Services

UAL User Interfaces Committee

Music Education News and Events

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Akron JPDN Students


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Forum women staff

U of Akron Corrosion

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